Why Independence, Impartiality and Confidentiality are crucial in IMMR vision?

Why is confidentiality so important? Because it is the only way to assure that your endeavors will be well protected, that your trade secrets will be in good hands, making sure that no one, from the cleaning ope-rative all the way to the ethics committee and all study directors will keep your data private.

It is extremely important for us and it is fundamentally in our DNA. The fact that we do not belong to any hospital or other institution, gives us the freedom to serve your project and solely your project. We may well give you advice, call it consulting if you will, but it is not charged, it is part of the package and there are no strings attached. We will not be on the IP and want to keep this level of independence.

We also have been asked many a time to be part of the scientific boards of the companies that work with us. We have always kindly declined the offer be-cause we believe that this independence is something to cherish, both for us and for you as it is a strong sta-tement of our independence. All our clients as well as notified bodies and regulatory agencies know it. It is not just reputation it is simply the truth.

Scientific Director – Founding Partner – Board Member

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