Surgical & Physician training

training - Surgical & Physician training

Be it for investigators, clinicians or sales representatives, surgical training is a must for novel medical and biotechnology. Paris proper is an ideal and central hub location for this critical activity.


At IMMR, we can dedicate up to 5 operating suites simultaneously to training sessions that are tailored to the specific needs of our clients. We have the state-of-the-art and fully-equipped technical platforms that are encountered in the hospital setting, thus providing a familiar environment and experience that can be applied to clinical use. Our research center has been fully refurbished, providing an attractive and comfortable environment for productive training events.


We can provide complete service with:

Lecture halls and classrooms for teaching sessions (up to 150 seats)
Operating suites for hands-on surgical procedures and wet labs
● Video communications capabilities for observation from adjacent conference rooms and/or remote locations.
● Event-planning assistance, administrative support for arranging hotel accommodations, taxi or limousine service, and fine catering or VIP lunch if you request.

Our team is focused on providing you with the ability to plan and conduct a comprehensive, successful training session for your investigators, customers salespeople and other guests. We would be very happy to welcome you!