Chronic Studies & GLP

Audit FDA IMMR 2013 - Chronic Studies & GLP

IMMR has all the authorizations from and is fully accredited by the relevant French regulatory institutions in order to conduct research in large models, and we are FDA inspected and validated.


Our institutional Animal Care and Use Committee insures that studies performed at our facility are conducted in compliance with the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals and in accordance with European Community recommendations.


More advanced studies and those intended to support regulatory submissions are performed according to Good Laboratory Practices (21 CFR part 58). As required, those include the use of written protocols, standard operating procedures, calibrated equipment, accredited large model facilities, study conduct by skilled and trained personnel, and proper data tracking, biostatistics and preparation of formal study reports.


Quality assurance remains of paramount importance in our daily work. Our technical expertise in the operating room is necessary but not sufficient for our clients’ success. Our clients need compelling and enduring results. Achieving these requires pristine data that are collected and subject to constant scrutiny, verification, validation, interpretation and archiving in conjunction with a robust quality assurance system. We follow Good Laboratory Practices to ensure that our work conforms to the highest professional standards in preclinical research.