Equipment and Facilities

State of the art surgical suites


IMMR offers a professional, hospital-environment technical platform to ensure a successful bridge from the preclinical to the clinical evaluation phase. We meet your preclinical research needs with cutting-edge technology:

5 operating rooms:


 2 Hybrid rooms with 3D rotational angiography suite by Philips

3 large ORs

IMMR - Equipment and Facilities

Hybrid room - Equipment and Facilities

3D hybrid operating room


After refurbishing our hosting and office area in 2012 and investing in a larger and improved husbandry facility (still ongoing), we invested in providing the most advanced 3D hybrid operating room on the market. Being one of the most experienced labs in hybrid procedures for structural heart disease made it clear that we needed imaging that could address the critical questions of our customers with respect to anatomy and functionality. We have made significant progress in our understanding of how best to approach valvular and vascular trans-catheter and hybrid therapies, and also how best to validate orthopedic and neurologic implants. We keep pace with the most recent advances in imaging because we believe this a central element of good research and it is also what clinicians will encounter in the clinical environment. There is no doubt that compelling imaging also contributes to convincing your key stakeholders: fellow researchers, clinicians and investors.

New Ultrasound machine at IMMR: Philips Eqip Evolution 3.0 echocardiography system


Imaging is one of the cornerstones of our daily practice at IMMR. We need to remain at the forefront of imaging just as we do for procedures for the advanced therapeutics and novel devices we test in relevant models.

Epiq - Equipment and Facilities

coeur immr - Equipment and Facilities

CT Scan at IMMR : preoperative planning and anatomical insight


Computed tomography (CT) has been shown to provide crucial information concerning anatomy and pathology in many surgical and medical specialties and is a very useful adjunct in preparing the optimal procedural strategy (which approach, what size of implanted device). CT-based selection of custom-made prostheses is also quite common in orthopedics, reconstructive and oral/maxillofacial surgery.


In cardiology, among the imaging modalities available for the evaluation of patients prior to TAVI or any other structural heart intervention, computed tomography (CT) plays a central role in patient selection and evaluation. CT reliably visualizes the dimensions of the aortic root, pulmonary veins or left atrium and allows a proper choice of prosthesis size. In patients, the morphology of the access path and relevant comorbidities can also be assessed. In preclinical research, CT preoperative planning allows identification of the proper animal model for whichever product is to be assessed, in particular when there may be only one size of the device currently available!


Magnetic resonance imaging, echocardiography and rotational angiography can all be used to help fabricate life-size models of anatomy and pathology, as well as patient-specific implants and surgical guides. However, computed tomography is the preferred 3D approach with the highest resolution to obtain solid 3D reconstructions such that surgeons and interventionalists can have the target organ in their hands before the procedure.


As regards preclinical research, adequate preoperative planning enables better model selection and development, in accordance with the 3Rs as recommended by Animal Care and Use Committees: Replacement, Reduction and Refinement.
We currently use a 64-slice system. Our images are quite spectacular and they have provided extremely insightful information for many procedures. Do not hesitate to ask for more information.

Faxitron MX-20


Imaging is a cornerstone of IMMR activity in large model preclinical research.  To further improve our capabilities, we recently bought the motorized version of the latest OEC Elite from General Electric Medical Systems for superior angiographic imaging. We are also looking into 3D ultrasound for the upcoming year.  In addition, non-destructive x-ray analysis of medical devices and tissue explants is also often essential and this requires high precision cabinet x-ray systems. Ex vivo x-ray imaging of explanted stents and valves is something we do frequently and so we also invested in the Faxitron MX-20 Radiography System, used in medical, forensic, scientific and agricultural applications. It provides on-the-spot images in seconds and can export in most formats. Never have we been so well equipped to get nondestructive information about calcification of biologic material and metallic device integrity.

faxitron - Equipment and Facilities

OR VIDEO ENGAUGE - Equipment and Facilities

Intraoperative Teleconferencing system by Engauge

Meeting rooms


We provide complete service with:
Meeting rooms with live case capabilities

Lecture halls and class rooms for the teaching sessions (up to 150 seats),

Event-planning assistance, administrative support for arranging hotel accommodations, taxi or limousine service, and fine catering or VIP lunch if you request.

Meeting Rooms Institut Mutualiste Montsouris

oec 9900 Equipment and Facilities
oec 9900 Equipment and Facilities
oec-9900 Equipment and Facilities

Angiograph OEC 9900


General Electric Medical system

Cardiopulmonary bypass equipment


Cardiopulmonary bypass equipment (latest generation)

cardiopulmonary bypass machine

ENDOSCOPY - Equipment and Facilities

3 endoscopic towers


Our laboratory stays at the forefront of technology in many different medical and surgical fields of specialty, namely cardiovascular surgery and interventional cardiology, urology, GI surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedics, dentistry and robotics. As for endoscopy we have recently acquired three complete high-end endoscopy towers.


These three towers (by Fuji and Olympus) are as state-of-the-art as it gets and come with everything required for excellent imaging, noise reduction, excellent brightness and digital output. Many different kinds of endoscopes (gastroscopes, duodenoscopes, colonoscopes, etc.) can be connected to their different sockets.


In addition to being adapted for GI endoscopy, these towers can also be utilized for procedures such as bronchoscopy and otorhinolaryngoscopy. We can use these towers in our preclinical platform for early R&D and GLP studies, physician training and histopathology.

Videoscopic columns


Videoscopic columns (3CCD and full HD digital with digital recording on flash drive)

videoscopic columns - Equipment and Facilities
videoscopic columns - Equipment and Facilities

ADI - Equipment and Facilities

Hemodynamic data devices and software


Hemodynamic data devices and software LabChart and Powerlab by AD Instruments, cardiac output assessment, pressure volume loops.